Wedding FAQ

Everything you wanted to know, and maybe some things you didn't, about dancing for your wedding!

We know you are busy, but we have been asked a lot of important questions over the past 15 years, and they are all condensed down to just a few pages to help you, so, they are well worth reading through and considering.  

Q: "We're thinking of taking dance lessons for our wedding, but we're not sure…

A:There are many reasons to consider taking dance lessons for your wedding. Here are just a few... 

1. For all your other planning, your first dance will create one of the top 5 strongest memories of your wedding day (we call them "memory milestones") Don’t you want it to be the best it can be? 

2. You have dressed up everything else about your day, why not your dancing? 

3. Learning to dance will likely be the smallest investment in both time and money, compared to nearly every other aspect of your wedding, but will have a more lasting effect than nearly anything else.

4. Almost everything else from your day (the location, food, dress, music, etc.) is just for that moment, but, dancing can last a lifetime.

5. What happens on the dance floor, will be captured in pictures, on your wedding video, and on cell phone cameras, and social media forever.

6. In all our years as dancers and teachers, NO ONE has ever said, "We should have just hugged and rocked, and saved the money.”

Q:“How many lessons will we need to prepare for our wedding?”

A: That depends upon your song,  goals, budget, and whether you choose private lessons, group classes, or both. The rhythmic pattern of your song determines the dance you need to learn, and some dances require more time to learn (even for the basics) than others. With this in mind…

1. Our "Honey, We Forgot to Take Dance Lessons!" package, will save you from "Hugging and Rocking" in  as little as 6 private lessons.  

2. Our "Basic Wedding Prep" offers you a more confident, better-prepared first dance, and you may get to re-use your moves throughout the reception.
it lets you learn "the basics" of a more complex dance such as Waltz, Tango, Swing, Cha Cha etc. in as little as 10 private lessons.  

3. Our "Shock the Reception" package is necessary when considering a “Surprise Dance” a "Mash Up" or “Dancing with the Stars”-level dance, and can be accomplished in as little as 20 private lessons. 

4. A basic working knowledge of general social dancing which will work with roughly 80% of the music that will be played at most weddings and events, can be learned in as little as 6 months of regular, weekly, instruction (private lessons, group classes, or a combination) 

5. Group classes are a great way to start for very little up front cost, especially if you have months to go before your wedding.  They are best when taken in conjunction with private lessons because it takes 4 group classes to accomplish the same results as just 1  private lesson.  

Q: “Should we take group or private lessons or both?” 

A: In our experience as dancers and teachers, the best results come from a mix of the two. But, we understand that scheduling and budgetary constraints don't always allow for this.

Q: When should we begin our lessons? 

A: In a perfect world, all our students would do what we did... start a year out from our wedding and take weekly lessons right up to our wedding day.  But, however many lessons you commit to, they should be taken weekly, right up to your wedding. But, the best way, if you can do it, will always be to start NOW, and study right up to your event.  

Q: We have crazy schedules and can’t stick to one, weekly, time-slot. 

A: No problem! You can schedule your lessons on different days and times, as needed, though we do recommend scheduling them 7-10 days apart, where possible.  

Q: "We are starting REALLY late! Can you still help us?" 

A: Every little bit can help. But, if you can fit in as little as three, 2-hour private sessions, we can put together a nice, basic first dance for you. 

If you are willing to commit the time, we will help you make it happen for you. For Example: One couple packed 22 hours into 7 weeks and another packed 12 hours into 2 weeks.  

Q: "We just want “the basics”, can’t we just take 1 or 2 hours?" 

A: We are sorry, but no. We offered this for a while because people demanded it, and it's gone for a reason. It takes at least 6 hours of private lessons, upwards around 16 or more hours of group classes, or a proper combination of the two, just to prepare a very basic first dance.  And, while that may seem like a lot to some people, it's really a very nominal amount.  Plus, nobody ever says, "I wish I took fewer lessons."  And, you will never regret doing it.  

Q: What type of dance should we do? 

A: That depends…Are you picking the song first or the dance first?  It can go either way and we can help you choose! 

Q: We haven’t picked our song yet. Is that a problem?  

A: Not at all. We can even help you pick one if you like, to make sure it is danceable.  

Q: If we don’t see our questions, can we contact you?  

A: Sure, please call or text us at 410-231-3262 or email us at