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Beginning Ballroom

Real Dancing for Real People!

Real Dancing for Real People!

Real Dancing for Real People! Real Dancing for Real People!


Group Classes


Group dance classes by Beginning Ballroom are a fun, low-cost way to learn to dance and meet other great people!  Whether you are preparing for a wedding, or just learning for the shear enjoyment of it. 

Private Lessons


Private lessons by Beginning Ballroom offer personalized instruction, scheduling at your convenience, a higher learning curve, and, of course, privacy.  

Wedding Lessons


Your First Dance creates one of the strongest life-long memories from your wedding day.  Second only to saying "I Do!"  You only get one chance for a First Dance.  Make yours all it can be! 

Special Event Services


From large group dance instruction for groups of 20 to 2000, to dance master servies, to custom DJ services, Beginning Ballroom can be your ultimate party starters and additional hosts!

Date Night Dance Lessons


Beginning Ballroom is the ONLY dance company in town to offer customized Date Night Dance Lessons on Friday or Saturday Nights!  

Choose Your Dance


Not sure where to start?  Choose the dance or dances you wish to learn, or tell us what song or musical genre you prefer and we can help match the dance to your music!